Couple Counselling

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In today’s world, the fast pace of life, pressures at work and at home, high expectations etc take a toll on relationships, especially on the couple. There is lot of demand on time hence conflicts keep coming up and may not get resolved which leads to resentment and dissatisfaction.

It would help to talk to a counselor as a couple, in a professional and confidential setting.   The counselor is unbiased and will not take sides between you and your partner.

Marriage counseling leads to positive outcomes and research indicates it is more effective than no counseling. It helps couples to prepare for or adjust to new life stages such as new couple, family with young children, and family with adolescent children, launching children and moving on and family in later life.  Each of these life stages put different demands on the couple and makes them aware of the new demands.

Common areas that couples commonly seek counseling for include companionship-intimacy, economic issues, work and recreation, parenting, house-hold chores, relationships with extended family, religion, friends, substance abuse and communication.