Our Approach

At Athoz we offer our patients varied services from Thought assessments, detailed diagnosis to thought-education for the patients, caregivers and community. We provide the clients an opportunity to explore events and feelings that are painful, a way to recognize them and then an approach to handle them better. We offer an all-round treatment plan under one roof. We help individuals understand why they are experiencing symptoms of distress and guide them to cope with their stress in a therapeutic manner.

Thought-education is an integral part of therapeutic interventions as it helps the clients and their families comprehend their situation by informing them and explaining to them the condition faced by the afflicted. Thought-education is important in terms of the fact that it allows the client and his support system to deal with the condition from an informed position. The strength of Thought-education lies in the fact that it is a specific form of therapy which is tailored around individual’s health conditions leading to better physical conditions.

It is often difficult for the patients and their family members to accept the patient’s diagnosis, thought-education is strongly advised and integrated in Athoz’s broad approach and also has the function of contributing through an improved view of the causes and the effects of the illness. Through experience we know that thought-education frequently broadens the patient’s view of their illness and this increased understanding can positively affect the patient. The relapse risk is in this way lowered; patients and family members, who are more well-informed about the disease, feel less helpless.