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Our mobile applications and programs for organizations that are looking for greater consistency in their team members with the help of Mindfulness and other psychological interventions include:

– Mindfulness skills introduction
– What is Mindfulness and what we think it is?
– Benefits for health and well being
– Practical tools for daily use
– Measurement of Coherence

Mindfulness in the Corporate World

– In today’s world we face multiple stressors, demands and pressures, not to mention the constant connectivity through smart phones, social media and tablet computers.
– Consulting firm AON Hewitt estimates that 35 percent of US employers in 2013 offered employee stress-reduction programs and that estimate is expected grow.
– Google, Aetna, Target and General Mills have found that introducing mindfulness to workplace not only lowers employees stress but also improves focus, clarity of thinking, decision- making, emotional intelligence and more.
– Studies by National Institute of health, UK, the university of Masachussetts and the Mind/body Institute at Harvard University suggests that mindfulness at work is good for business. The studies found that practicing mindfulness at work:
– Reduces absenteeism and turnover
– Improves Cognitive functions
– Improves employees’ productivity
– Enhances employee/employer and client relationships
– Improves Job satisfaction

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